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-. NICKEL: 28%
-. TITANIUM: 20%
-. VANADIUM: 40%
Min. Order: 15 Tons
1, white granule water treatment chemicals polyacrylamide
2, MW: 1500-1600
3, Solid content(%): >=90
4, Insoluble matter(%): <=0.2
FOB Price: US $2,000 / Ton
Min. Order: 10 Tons
1. Used in aluminum: An additive to aluminum alloys, silicon is used to increase the fluidity and tenacity of Aluminum and its alloys, which enjoy good castability and weldability ...
FOB Price: US $1,800 / Ton
Min. Order: 15 Tons
Product: Copper Powder
CAS No: 7440-50-8
Molecular Weight: 63.5449
EC NO: 231-159-6
Molecular Formula: Cu
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Aluminum sulfate
CAS No.: 7784-31-8
SGS, BV inspection
Aluminum sulfate
Molecular formula: Al2(SO4)3.18H2O
CAS: 7784--31-8
Appearance: White ...
FOB Price: US $350 / Ton
Min. Order: 50 Tons
HMS 1 & 2, Strictly for serious end users only. Please note material is of European origin of premium price. Time waster
HMS 1 & 2 in containers available to end users. Material ...
Min. Order: 50 Tons
1. Factory supply directly;
2. Zn (purity): 98.7%-99.995%;
3. Promptly shipment+Best service

Silver white lustrous metal; Can react with acids, soluble in ...
Min. Order: 25 Tons


3)High quality

4)Low price

Packaging Detail: 25kg per bag

Delivery Detail: 2-3 weeks after receipt your depositiong
Min. Order: 10 Tons
1) Product Name: Silicon Metal 3303
2) Performance:
Silicon, also known as Silicon Metal, is with metal luster of sliver grey or dark grey. High melting point, good ...
Min. Order: 25 Tons
Industrial silicon, which can also be called metal silicon, is silver grey or black with metallic luster. It has the function of high melting point, good heat resistance, high ...
Min. Order: 25 Tons
Lithopone B311/B301

Molecular: Formula ZnS+BaSO4

Appearance: White, odorless powder

Has mostly been replaced by titanium diox

The Applications of lithopone: ...
FOB Price: US $700 / Ton
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Our advantage:
1)raw material
2)steady supplying
3)years′ of experience in Magnesium
Specifications of magnesium powder
1)item name: Magnesium powder ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Place of Origin: China(Mainland) Type: Aluminum wire scrap
Color: Sliver white Weight: 50kg

Aluminum wire scrap
1, Smooth Surfaces
2, Tight Tolerances
3, ...
FOB Price: US $1,000-1,500 / Ton
Min. Order: 10 Tons
1. Appearance: Spontaneous and flammable solids flammable dimmed small powder. With strong reduction.
2. Fire danger: In case of acids, alkali, water, fluorine, chlorine, sulfur, ...
Min. Order: 15 Tons
Tin plate Specifications:
1) Thickness: 0.18 - 0.43mm
2) Width: 200 - 860mm
3) Steel grades: Q195, Q195L, Q195LD, 08AL and SPCC
4) Hardness: T3
5) Tin coating: 2.8/2.8
Min. Order: 1 Ton

Copper scrap 99.95%

1, Copper wire scrap
2, Copper wire, tube, plate, etc.
3, High quantity: 99%

Copper Scrap 99%
High-quality cable scrap with almost ...
FOB Price: US $3,500-4,000 / Ton
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Weight: 50kg or 25kg/iron barrel
Dimensions: 200mesh, 300mesh, 400mesh
Pb (Min): 99.9% Powder Or Not: Is Powder
Color: Grey purity: 99.9%
Shape: Spherical

Packaging Detail: ...
Min. Order: 25 Tons
Ester Gum
1. Food Grade
2. Low Odor
3. Widely used in chewing gum base as raw materials
Min. Order: 20 Tons
1. Used in many types of paints

2. Uesd on plastic, rubber, paper

3. Pigment for Cosmetic,

4. Coloring Sugar-coat for medicine
FOB Price: US $1,300 / Ton
Min. Order: 15 Tons
FeB20C0.5; FeB18C0.5; FeB16C1.0; FeB14C1.0; ;

Type: Low-carbon, Medium-carbon, Low-Aluminum
Min. Order: 10 Tons
1. Product name: White Carbon
2. CAS No.: 10279-57-9
3. Main ingredients: Active silica
4. Molecular formula: SiO2

5. Application: Applied to tyre carcass, side wall and ...
FOB Price: US $1,400 / Ton
Min. Order: 15 Tons
Gum rosin ww grade is made of natural resin, its generalformulais C20H30O20.
Gum rosin is made of natural resin, its general formula is C20H30O2.

Gum rosin also called ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Antimoly is a kind of Non-ferrous metal, silvery white solid with Polish and crisp character. There are two allotropes: Yellow anamorphosis is stable under 90 ...
Min. Order: 10 Tons
Brass scrap copper scrap /copper millberry /cliff brich

Brass scrap Honey
1) Material: Brass scrap
2) Finish: Various anodizing colors or mill finish
3) Al ...
Min. Order: 10 Square Feet
Quality standard Premium grade Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric acid% ≥ ...98.0
Ash≤ ...0.02
Fe % ≤ ...0.005
As % ≤ ...0.0001
Hg % ≤ ...0.001
Pb % ≤ ...0.005 ...
FOB Price: US $400 / Ton
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Product name: Chrome green, chromic oxide
Its superb used for ceramic pigments, glass pigments, coating etc

Hexagonal crystal or amorphous olive green powder, with metallic ...
Min. Order: 20 Tons
Molecular formula:HCOOH
Molecular weight:46.02
Appearance:Colorless transparent liquid
CAS No.:64-18-6
Min. Order: 20 Pieces
Adipic Acid/Hexanedioic Acid/Hexane diacid 99.8%

Best quality Good price

Appearance: White cryst

Adipic acid is chiefly used as raw material of three kinds of products, ...
FOB Price: US $2,000 / Ton
Min. Order: 20 Tons